We, the owners of Lyrsta R B&B

We, the owners of Lyrsta R B&B are Göran Wiberg and Katarina Viberg Hedman. We had lived in Örebro for just over 20 years when we decided to step out of the rat race and do something together during the latter part of our professional lives. In February 2020, we found our dream house here in Lyrestad right by the Göta Canal and decided to take the plunge and invest in a B&B and retreat business.

Göran has a long background in the logistics industry and he has also worked as a media teacher for many years. He also has a musical streak where he has written a lot of songs which he performed from time to time on local stages. A vein that will follow him until death do them part.

Katarina has worked in the public sector for many years. Animals and nature have always been close to Katarina’s heart, and especially horses and riding have been a big part of her life. Now it’s long walks and training with the dog Bosse. Her creative vein finds its outlet in writing. Song lyrics as well as short stories and a novel have been produced over the years.